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The Great Mazda Climb

6th Annual Great Mazda Climb!

Location: Mt. Washington - Gorham, NH
Saturday, August 04, 2018

Open to ALL Mazda Owners


Adults (13+): $35 ($40 at gate)
Kids (5 - 12): $15
5 and Under FREE

Registration begins 4/01/2018

Rules, Guidelines, and Etiquette:

In an effort make the climb a family friendly atmosphere as well as
respect the national park area the climb is being held in, there a few
policies we ask all car owners and patrons of the climb to follow.
This event, like all that NEMAC host are about Passion, Fun, Friends
and Community, if you do not abide by these policies, you will be asked
to leave by one of our staff.
• No alcohol of any kind is allowed. Aside from being a law, we
don't have to explain why it’s a bad idea.
• No squealing of tires or "burn outs" are allowed or excessive
engine revving. Drivers with reckless behavior or produce
excessive, unnecessary noise will not be tolerated.
• No Racing. We'll just make it very clear right now,this is NOT
a race up the mountain road.
• No radios, no showing off your subs. Just don't be THAT guy.
• Please be considerate and make sure you pick up after yourself.

NEMAC reserves the right to restrict entrance due to unacceptable
behavior during any and all activities promoted and/or allowed by
NEMAC. Any poor behavior on or off the event location upon which
the event is being held and sponsored shall be considered reason
for denying admittance of any vehicle and/or entrant to The Great
Mazda Climb. The interpretation of what may or may not constitute
“poor behavior” shall be at the sole and exclusive discretion of NEMAC
or Mt.Washington Auto Road staff. This reservation of rights includes
persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or any act or item of poor
character which may be deemed or considered to be objectionable
to the well being of said associations events. Should NEMAC, or any
authorized representative thereof, deem it necessary to evict or restrict
any action and/or entrance on the part of any entrant, participant,
spectator and/or his or her spouse, NEMAC shall not be liable, under
any circumstances, for refunding any entry fees, except at its own

Past Event Pictures: