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About Us


New England Mazda Auto Club Mission Statement

The New England Mazda Auto Club (NEMAC) is an incorporated non-profit organization maintained by its members; with the intent to promote the hobby of owning, altering, building, and safely modifying Mazda vehicles of all model years. NEMAC strives to achieve this by passing down knowledge of responsible ownership, maintenance, and customization to current and future members. The NEMAC organization functions like family, and as such, will take time and effort to provide help or aid when members are in need. NEMAC’s mission is to encourage family participation and camaraderie through activities as an organization and to promote friendship, aid fellow clubs and organizations by participating in their functions, and finally, supporting local charities and communities throughout New England.


The President is the focal point of the club. Duties include communications with other Clubs, keeping meetings on track, making final decisions, taking calls from new and existing members, spokesperson for the club, and being the Chief Enthusiast. The president should be comfortable speaking to a group as (s)he will be expected to do so at events. The president should have a very charismatic personality with a diplomatic nature. An ability to delegate tasks without making enemies is essential. A thick skin helps as well since you may hear complaints from the membership far more than you will hear how great the club is. Most of all, the president must be able to commit a lot of time. You will be expected to attend nearly every event, answer the phone constantly, and be consulted on most items even though they may have been delegated to others.

Vice President
The Vice President is the president's backup. (S)he must be able to fill in at events when the president is unavailable. Mostly, the Vice Presidential role is that of assistant or deputy. The position should be filled by someone who may not have the same amount of time available as the president, but who can be counted upon to handle the overflow and fill in where needed. The VP role is often combined with other roles and handles items that may not be assigned to another area.

Everyone thinks its easy to hold the money, but there's a little more to being a treasurer. You need to have some basic accounting skills and be able to produce detailed reports to show how the money comes and goes. Needless to say, a computer with a spreadsheet and printer is helpful. An accounting package would even be better. And most of all, the person selected to be treasurer must be trustworthy. The treasurer will need to keep books on club expenses and income. This will be required to help us prepare our annual tax return for the IRS.

Responsible for handling information regarding meet attendees, locations, times, etc. and for organizing the contacts list and keeping the Upcoming/Past meet information pages up to date as the President/Vice president provide the information for them.The Secretary takes minutes at meetings, handles correspondence with the State offices dealing with incorporation, and other "assistant" type duties to the Treasurer. The secretary's primary function is taking and keeping the meeting minutes and function attendance. The Secretary also maintains copies of the charter and ByLaws, and is responsible for any modifications the club may vote on.

The Arbiter shall be called upon by the Officers in the event of any decision involving the club. Should the officers agree that a neutral party be called in to weigh on a decision, the Arbiter will be that person. The Arbiter must keep an open mind, and remain unbiased for decisions. (S)he The Arbiter will be chosen by majority vote by the other officials.

Social Media Representative
The Social Media Representative is responsible for informing our members of upcoming events and general communications via websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This means that the role should be filled by someone who can handle deadlines. Obviously a bit of writing skill is required. It should be clear to all officers that the social media representative cannot write everything alone and everyone will be expected to give an occasional update. Still, the Social Media Representative must be creative and have the ability to "punt" when there isn't anything going on. This position also requires a significant time commitment - as much as the president. (S)he may also have to keep on the back of the other officers to meet deadlines and get articles, event calendars, etc.

Event Coordinator
The event coordinator(s) are appointed by the President to oversee independent events. When a plan is presented to the president, it is the duty of the event coordinator(s) to help bring this event into fruition. The person(s) chosen is someone who might have certain skills that would be useful to plan this event. If you know an area you would might be used to help plan a photo shoot, or happen to be around a future planned location to help with organizing the logistics. This is not a permanent position, but an interim position.(add or edit)


Promote the sport and hobby of owning, altering, building, and modifying Mazda6 Vehicles
To encourage family participation in such sport.
To promote friendship, support organization functions held by such club, as well as others who have such interest.

All officers and directors shall be elected by a majority of the members present at any annual meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.
The club will consist of four (4) officers and a varying number of Administrative Assistants.
The officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Officers may create additional roles inside to club to help delegate tasks. Task duration and responsibilities will be listed upon creation of task.

PRESIDENT: The President will preside over all meetings called for and he will act as an ambassador to any functions or activities held by the club or any other club (s)he is asked to attend. (S)he will seek ways to help build membership, create ideas, and help promote and maintain interest for and by its members. (S)he shall meet at least once a quarter with his board of officers. (S)he shall also be responsible to plan and oversee the budget of the club funds for the next year during his term of office.

VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President will preside over all meetings called for if the President is unable to attend. (S)he, too, will act as ambassador to any functions the President cannot attend. (S)he, along with the Treasurer will keep and update the membership roster, collecting and keeping a record of who has and has not paid club dues, with a current dues roster; and keep the Social Media Representative informed on who should receive a newsletter. (S)he will work with the Secretary and Treasurer in keeping those records that are necessary.

SECRETARY: The Secretary will be responsible for the minutes for all meetings called for, for roll call, and handling all correspondence brought forth by the club and its members. The Secretary shall keep the President aware of any and all incoming correspondence that should be brought forth to club members. The Secretary may, however, designate any person to keep the minutes and attendance for any meeting that he is unable to attend.

TREASURER: The Treasurer will be responsible for all monies received and disbursed by the club. (S)he must keep a complete account of all such matters by a ledger, and when called upon, present such matters to the club, and for the audit which will be conducted yearly. The audit committee will consist of the outgoing Treasurer, the incoming Treasurer, and a committee consisting of two (2) members appointed from the club by the President, but not excluding the President him/herself.

Social Media Representative : The Social Media rep is responsible for posting information the board of officers forwards to him for distribution.

Event Coordinator: The Event Coordinator is appointed by the Board of Officials to be the single person in charge of planning and execution of Special Events. The request for funds and additional manpower can be granted by the board. The event coordinator is expected to update the board periodically on the status of the event, and also any correspondence or event details that need to be distributed to members.

Arbiter: The Arbiter shall be called upon by the Officers in the event of any decision involving the club. Should the officers agree that a neutral party be called in to weigh on a decision, the Arbiter will be that party. The Arbiter must keep an open mind, and remain unbiased for decisions. (S)he The Arbiter will be chosen by majority vote by the other officials.

Anyone wanting to hold office of said club may do so by being elected by its members as a whole, during the yearly election of club officers, and must have been a member of the club for one year prior to holding any office. If a member is unable to complete his/her term of office for any reason, a member may be appointed to fill the remainder of the term of office by the Board of Officers, called in a special meeting.
Offices must be held for one (1) year or until their successors are elected and qualified.
There are no term limitations for Office.
Candidates seeking to be elected to an official position, whether the position holds contention, must notify the board of officials 15 days prior to the end of the fiscal year. They will then be added to the ballot for voting on the third Tuesday following the close of the fiscal year.

Any person or persons and family, 18 years or older, will be eligible for membership to said club.
Application of such person or persons must be voted on by the club membership at a monthly meeting or Online special session, upon completion of membership registration.
Membership consists of Member and Spouse and all children of Member and Spouse under the age of 18 years. A member shall have but one vote which may be cast by either the member or the member's spouse, but not both.

The following type vehicles will be recognized for membership: Mazda6, MazdaSpeed6, and Models approved by the president.
Vehicles may be altered, built, or changed in such a way to create interest by non-members; or they may be stock, non-altered.
Those with non-membership type vehicles wishing to join the club due so at the officer’s discretion. These types of members who are allowed to join, are considered ‘Friends of NEMAC’ and are categorized as such.

As a member of such club, you will be expected to promote and participate club meetings, activities, and functions brought forth.
Members must operate vehicles in such a manner that it will maintain safety and respect for said club, its officers, and members. If such a case arises, the offenders membership will be suspended pending a judicial review.
All club members who drive while involved in club functions or are traveling with said club going to or from a club function, shall abide by the laws of the State, or any other State when representing the club. As well as all club rules, found in this handbook.
Any club member while driving and representing the club, shall have a valid operator's license.
Members must not give out personal information of any other member that is kept hidden from all non-members without their expressed consent.
Members are not allowed to give out promotional codes or any information reserved for club members to non-members without approval of an officer.
All members who are found in violation of club ByLaws may be suspended or removed from the club permanently upon board review.

‘Premium’ Memberships are available to those who donate.
‘Premium’ Members are also referred to as ‘Donors.’
Those members who donate a minimum of $20.00 annually, will be given ‘Premium’ memberships.
‘Premium’ Membership dues will be paid annually.
‘Premium’ Membership dues are $20.00 per family, based on membership from January 1 to December 31.
When a new member joins during said club's fiscal year, the dues will be prorated at $2.00 per month to January 1 if they wish to become ‘Premium.’
Dues allocated to new members per month will not exceed that of the $20.00 membership.
There will be a 30 day grace period for current premium members paying the next fiscal year's dues (renewal of membership), if needed by a member. If the dues are not paid within 30 days, the member will be dropped from membership.
Extensions or deferred payments can be made pending board approval. The president can waive member dues with pending board of officers approval if he/she sees fit.
‘Donors’ have access to special events, information, and perks.
These events, information, and perks will be designated as ‘Premium,’ and accessible only to ‘Donors’ at the club Officer’s discretion.
A ceiling on the amount to be kept in the treasury shall be set at an amounted determined by the board of officers, plus such amounts as the Treasurer advises are necessary to cover upcoming expenses, with excess funds to be dealt with by a committee appointed by the president to report back to the club members where it shall be voted on by the members as to what to do with said excess funds. The club may, from time to time, increase the amount kept in the treasury in anticipation of upcoming expenses or decrease the amount in anticipation of upcoming donations.
Donation opportunities for specific events/reasons may be presented to members throughout the year.
Donations may/may not be considered as payment for annual dues. At the discretion of the club officers, a member’s dues may be waived for the coming fiscal year if they’ve donated money in addition to the previous year’s dues.

Club Sponsorship applications are accepted.
Sponsorship may be requested by any legal business with valid EIN (Employer Identification Number).
Requests must be made by the Employer to one of the club’s officials.
Sponsorship information is found on the Sponsorship Request Document. The document can be requested at any time from one of the officers.
Sponsorship Request Document distribution is at the discretion of the club officers.

The annual meeting of the members, for the election of directors, shall be held on the third Tuesday following the close of the fiscal year.
A special meeting of the members may be called at any time upon seven days written notice to the members, at the direction of the President, or the Board of Directors, or upon request of 10 percent of the members.
A quorum shall consist of those members present at any annual or regular or special meeting.
Meetings will be held at the board of officials’ convenience.
Meetings will be held once a month for a total of twelve (12) meetings.
Meetings will be announced as to location and time in the monthly newsletter.

Voting sessions will be set up by the officials. Sessions will be opened/closed to members at the discretion of the officials.
Voting on all issues at club meetings will be by majority vote.
If voting results in a tie, a re-vote will be called with the two tied parties.
Should a re-vote result in a tie as well, the winner will chosen by majority vote by the officers.
Should the officer voting also result in a tie, the member holding the Arbiter position will be asked to choose.

If the club is asked to take part in other clubs' functions, we will elect at least one representative from our organization to attend.
When in attendance at such functions, represent our organization in a manner of respect and in such a manner so as not to embarrass yourself and club members.