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2014 - Mazda6 - Body and Accessories



1. Empty the vehicle by having all occupants leave the vehicle and remove all the cargo except for the spare tire, jack and tools equipped on the vehicle.
2. Adjust the air pressure of each tire to the specified value. (See WHEEL AND TIRE SPECIFICATION.)
3. Move the vehicle to level ground.
4. Make a screen shown in the figure using double-weight, white paper.

5. Line up the vehicle with the wall so that the distance to the headlights is 3 m {9.8 ft} from the wall.

6. Measure the height at the center point of the headlight.


7. Align the center of the headlight with the center of the screen.

8. Set a partition in front of the headlight which is not being adjusted to block the light.
9. Start the engine and charge the battery.
10. Turn on the headlight low beams.
11. Verify that the elbow point of the headlight is at the position indicated on the adjustment screen.
a. Rotate the adjustment screw to adjust the headlight.

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